Virtual Gastric Band Therapy

Gastric Band Surgery V’s Virtual Gastric Band Therapy

You may have heard of gastric band surgery, as it is becoming relatively common. This involves a surgeon operating on your abdominal cavity to get to your stomach, then fitting a band around the stomach to limit the amount of solid food that can pass it. This is aimed at making the person feel full when eating, and be unable to eat as much as they could before.The obvious purpose of this is a form of weight control, and is usually only considered when a number of less invasive alternatives such as diets or medications have been tried and failed.It can be set to a particular size, to control the rate of weight reduction. This is desirable, since the slower rate of reduction is far more likely to bring a permanent improvement.For the virtual version of this, a clinical hypnotherapist places the belief in the person’s subconscious mind that such surgery has taken place, and when a limited amount of food has been eaten, they feel full and have the same feelings they would experience with the real thing.

What is involved? 

  •  A desire to attain the shape and size that you never thought achievable. 
  •  Approximately one hour of your time, once a week, for four consecutive weeks
  •  Listening to a short CD once or twice a day for 28 days
  •  8 Simple Rules
  • How easy is that?

Why choose the Virtual Gastric Band procedure over the Gastric Band procedure? 

  •  It is 100% safer. As with most hypnotherapy, even for the rare cases where the desired result is not achieved or not fully, there is no harm done.
  •  It works. In trials in the UK 95% of subjects reported success with no adverse side effects. It has been applied for years and continues to be more widely used.
  •  It is not invasive. There are no cuts or scars, no anaesthetics, no possibility of infection, no healing procedure, no dressing of wounds, no “recovery” time, in fact none of these fearful risks, because there is no actual surgery. 
  •  No Discomfort. In fact, because the clinical hypnotherapist looks at other parts of your life, there is often a range of other areas of your life that are improved, such as improved digestion, better sleep or less anxieties.
  •  No Time off. Your work or daily life needs almost no interruption.

On top of all that:  Actual Gastric Bands involve many possible complications due to the use of surgery.After banding, there is often a need for adjustment of the band at a later date. This just means more surgery or injection of what is called a fill to tighten the band.Sometimes the real thing does not work. How bad would that be - to spend so much, suffer so much discomfort, take so much time off, and then have the frustration of failing to get what you wanted?Most failures of actual gastric banding appear to result from the surgery being assumed to be all that is needed.The simple fact is that the patient’s thinking needs to be in the right place first. A surgeon may not bother to check this or may not detect a subconscious condition that will interfere with the intention of the surgery. A clinical hypnotherapist will start with your mind and will not proceed if you are not ready for it.So …Virtual Gastric Band is much more cost effective. It gets the best results, with no problems, at a fraction of the cost!You can speak to the clinical hypnotherapist if you have further questions.
You can also read letters from those who have experienced it and succeeded.