The Subconscious Mind

The conscious mind is where you apply logical thought and make many decisions.The subconscious mind is where your feelings are based, and where your long term memories are stored. Your emotions are controlled by your subconscious mind. Decisions made here are based on what beliefs are already in place. The subconscious mind tries at all times to be congruent, seeking to direct actions that fit in with your established principles.For example, if you try to tell a lie as a conscious act, your subconscious will react otherwise, and a trained observer may detect this by noticing your involuntary movements.Unfortunately, many find that their subconscious mind has been filled with and is dominated by huge amounts of negative programming. This is the reason they tend to have limitations such as fears, depression, failure and anxiety.Consider your subconscious mind to be your cruise control or better yet, your auto pilot. It is the house for your life experiences, your memories, and your beliefs. Your conscious mind is very powerful; however, the subconscious mind is far greater in power. The subconscious mind controls all aspects of our body and is also responsible for your involuntary bodily functions.Having the proper thought and belief programming will help you see more positive results when applying the power of the mind to your life!The subconscious mind is quite like a huge hard drive. When the programs on your hard drive are corrupt, you will begin to experience system failures. To overcome this, you need to replace this corrupted data with something new and in this case, something positive.Regardless of what your conscious says, your subconscious always gets the last word. Thus, a person has to reprogram their subconscious mind to be more positive and optimistic, in order to prevent or reduce such negative and pessimistic thoughts.Removing the corrupted programs and replacing them with positive programs is the key to overcoming the effects caused by the negative thinking, because your subconscious mind will continue to run the old negative programs until they are replaced with the positive updates.